Praise for Linda Goodman's Walking with the Muse
"The high level of professionalism of the workshop and the instructor's depth of knowledge — wow!"
—S. Vigliani, New York

"This was the best time I've had doing art. Everything was better than I anticipated."
—G. Woodhams, Australia

"Great instruction. Beautiful facility. Service above and beyond."
—J. Palmer, Houston, Texas

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About the Class

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Your Creative Sojourn in Florence, Italy June 2009
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The description below is a record of a class which is no longer being offered at this location. Inquire about future trips to Greece by writing Linda Goodman at or revisiting this site for future updates. Also think about joining us in Florence, Italy this summer for a similar workshop!
The Old Bridge, Florence, Italy

Walking with the Muse:
Creative Journey in Monoprint in Greece
with Linda Goodman

July 31 - August 15, 2006

This August, a select number of participants will again work in the inspiring surroundings of the Greek islands with noted printmaker/ painter Linda Goodman, a veteran leader of workshops in Florence, Italy, and the United States. Immerse yourself in the authentic culture of this island and let its beauty refresh your creative spirit. Blend concentrated artmaking with relaxing socializing, dining, swimming and walking, while enjoying the island’s charms. There will be group breakfasts, a welcome meal, and closing dinner.

Monotype, monoprint, and chine collè
This hands-on workshop offers demonstrations in Goodman’s specialties of oil- and water-based monotype, monoprint and chine collè — easily accessible mediums for both beginning and experienced artists — along with concentrated studio work, insightful critiques, personal attention and group camaraderie. Health-conscious approaches are emphasized, with an eye to using a minimum of solvents (such as vegetable oil instead of thinner when possible) ferric chloride and copper etching, or drypoint. Experienced printmakers may use other non-toxic intaglio processes, woodcut,and computers in the pursuit of their own vision with permission of instructor; advanced artists may work independently in painting.

The two weeks aim to recharge your creative battery by encouraging you to let go, take aesthetic risks and suspend a judgmental approach to your work as you search out your own sources of inspiration.

Who should come

People interested in furthering their creativity and skills in monotype and monoprint, while inspired by this captivating island, home base for your “Greek experience.” There are no prerequisites — an appetite for exploration, enjoyment and camaraderie, avid curiosity and flexibility are what is most required. All levels welcome. Experienced artists may work in nontoxic intaglio, relief, painting and computers.

July 31 - August 15, 2006
One 2-week session in August. Classes meet 5 days a week, about 3-1/2 hours/day, with open labtime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for qualified students. Demonstrations and critiques address aesthetic and technical concerns. Participants spend free time working independently in the studios; visiting the island’s pristine beaches, dense pine forests, olive groves and orchards; sampling local crafts, cuisine and culture, and relaxing at local tavernas. Workshop fee includes normal materials supplied in print workshops like inks, solvents, mordant, and grounds, plates, breakfasts, a “welcome” dinner and orientation. .top of page

About the Class

The focus is on monotype, monoprint, chine collé and drypoint or line etching.Direct and expressive, monotype joins the radiant qualities of prints with the spontaneity of painting.Drypoint/line etching fundamentals are included for those wishing to apply these techniques to monoprint. For all participants, realizing your artistic intent through inspired use of materials and process is paramount.
Single-run monotype emphasizing painterly methods. Painting and drawing on the surface
of metal and plastic plates, Goodman demonstrates beginning to advanced techniques for using printmaking inks, crayons, modifiers and rollers with color printing to achieve brilliant colors and crisp printerly effects.
Chine collé. This collage process of adhering papers while simultaneously printing on them combines beautiful visuals with content.
Multi-run color monotype and monoprint.W
e use several plates to attain rich luminous color and may combine monotype with a repeatable matrix of drypoint or line etching to produce one-of-a-kind prints or a series of related images.

Linda (in blue apron) critiques students' work

Individual feedback, group critiques, and open work sessionshelp advanced and beginningartists alike explore their creative potential to develop their work.
Etching facilities available. Experienced print-makers may use other nontoxic etching or relief processes inthe pursuit of their vision with permission of instructor.
Our workshop concludes with a group exhibition and barbeque with students, professor, directors and guests from the Island community.. top of page

The Instructor
Linda Goodman (MFA Printmaking, Mills College; BA Fine Arts, Stanford University), notedprintmaker/painter, has been organizing and leading international workshops in Florence, Italy since 1995. She visited Greece and its islands in the 1970s and fell in love with its light and beauty. She is thrilled to return to Greece to lead her second intensive workshop here in Creative Monoprint. Goodman’s prints, paintings, artist’s books, and mixed-media works have been exhibited widely in the US and internationally, and are in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, New York; the Oakland Museum, California; and the Library of Congress, Washington, DC; among others. The San Francisco Bay area artist teaches at Mission College in Santa Clara, California and has taught at the Art Institute of Chicago; San Francisco Art Institute; Whitman College in Washington State; University of Oregon, Eugene; San Francisco State University; University of California, Berkeley; and Mills College. Linda regularly conducts workshops: throughout California since 1983; Kala Institute, Berkeley, 1983 - 2000; Il Bisonte International School of Graphic Art Florence, Italy since 2004; Skopelos Foundation for the Arts 2005, 2006; Santa Reparata International School of Art 1996-2001; SACI, Florence, Italy, 1995, and the Split Rock Arts Program, Duluth, Minnesota, 1993. Goodman was Editor of The California Printmaker, 1992-96 and edits Printworks Magazine, an online printmaking magazine and resource. For Goodman's resume click here. top of page

Contact Linda Goodman for information:
1450 62nd St.
Emeryville, CA 94608; USA.
Tel: (510) 653-0300 (until May 27, 2006). After this date e-mail:

Website: www.artmondo.net

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MORE COMMENTS FROM Walking with the Muse: Creative Journey in Monoprint in Greecce

"What did I enjoy most about this workshop? Linda's knowlege on printmaking and her enthusiasm, and the freedom to explore. What surprised me? The beauty of the island, the people.... The support from everyone was great."
—V. Hardy, Australia

"Art workshops give me the shot of art vitamin I need. Linda is excellent at critiques. She has a greateye with a sensitivity toeach person's unique visions. Linda sustained the energy in group critiques, never burning out. Every person received equal time and energy. I would definitely recommend the foundation to others --- it was wonderful being here."
–J. Brindley, New York City

"Thanks for a wonderful two weeks of which I shall always remember fondly and refer others to come."
—J. Lee, Sonoma, California

"Service above and beyond."
—J. Palmer, Houston, Texas

"Linda's critiques are outstanding... she is truly gifted.
The high level of professionalism ... and the instructor's depth of knowledge — wow!"
—S. Vigliani, Riverdale, New York

"This was the best time I've had doing art. Everything was better than I anticipated."
—G. Woodhams, Australia


"I have enjoyed this workshop. Linda is able to explain various techniques clearly and intelligently and spiritedly. Her critiques were particularly strong. She is able to talk about process, where one’s strengths are and give leads to new approaches. She encouraged me to broaden my style and I think it will have lasting consequences."
—M.A. Pollard, Evanston, Illinois

Thank you so much for everything —- your wisdom and patience and kindness made this an unforgettable wonderful experience."
—V. Arnone San Francisco, California

"Every time I closed my eyes I saw art ideas!"
— R. Greenwood Sunnyvale, California

"Enjoyed meeting like-minded participants. Your critiques are thoughtful, insightful and helpful. Thanks."
—C. Lukitsch Washington, DC

"As a painter I have added to my soul as an artist and my life as a person."
— L. Abel Los Angeles, California,

"Linda made me feel like my work was worthy as an artist and poet. She is a very good teacher with a vast amount of knowledge. Her direction on use of materials and personal work input was wonderful — so positive and caring."
—John P., Incline Village, Nevada

"The best critiques I remember having - useful, constructive information about my work but also instructional to listen and participate in discussion about the work of the other participants."
—K. Sherr Berkeley, California

"Your critiques were great — obviously a strong point for you. Comments very helpful, not just making generalist comments like one usually hears. Seeing everyone elses' work I was able to learn and get ideas."
Chris P., Vancouver, Canada

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Your Creative Sojourn in Florence, Italy

Bay Area Monotype and Monoprint Workshops and Classes

For more information e-mail or phone (510) 653-0300 California U.S.A.

A few prints by Linda Goodman
All images ©2008 by Linda Goodman. All rights reserved.

"All I Wanted Was To Visit" Etching
Etching with wax "All I Wanted Was To Visit" 22"x30"

Etching w/Chine Colle, "Made in USA" Etching w. Chine Colle "Made In USA" 15" x 15"

Color Monotype "Shoes" 22"x30"Color Monotype 22" x 30"Untitled (Shoes)


Etching w/ Chine Colle
"Fantasia Fiorentina" 15" x 12"

Color Monotype "Segesta" 30"x22"
Color Monotype "Segesta" 30" x 22"

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